A Quick Guest Room Makeover


When decorating a small bedroom, think about how to maximize space by making furniture do double duty. We were able to use two medium sized dressers that doubled as nightstands instead of two small nightstands and a large dresser, which actually ended up providing MORE storage and putting LESS furniture in the room!
accessories in the guest room makeover
So many of my favourite ladies are expecting right now.  When one of them asked me to help her style her guest room so that her mom had a nice place to stay when she came to help with the baby, I was really excited to help. This project was finished very quickly! It took only two weeks and three visits to complete because it was purely a styling makeover. My friend, Amanda, started the whole project by asking my opinion on her three curtain options, and once we chose the curtain the rest of the room was inspired by those colours. The nice thing about the room is that it was a blank slate that just needed to be added to. The walls were already a creamy neutral colour, perfect for a basement bedroom that doesn’t get a tonne of natural light.  
before and after of the window treatment in this guest room makeover
Amanda wanted to add a dresser and some nightstands, and had already decided on the Brusali line from IKEA. Since the room is on the smaller side, I suggested we get two three-drawer dressers and use them as night stands, instead of getting one three-drawer chest that would stand against the wall and two smaller night stands. This gave us a lot of storage and also opened the room up, since there was one less piece of furniture in the floor space. Amanda found the bedside lamps on Kijiji, and most of the accessories were either in her house already or were from my own stash. To give the room the feeling of having a headboard, we added cushy pillows and a piece of art above the bed. Amanda might add a headboard in the future but for right now there are lots of comfy pillows for her guests to lie on and it feels finished.
Before and after of the bed and night tables in this guest room makeover

We added a full length mirror that we found on Kijiji. Then painted a creamy white so that her mom will have a place to check out her appearance. The piece of art above the hooks was an image from an old calendar. We framed it in a picture frame that I got from a Goodwill clearance centre for $1.00.  

The only other blank wall was the wall with the doors, and I had a perfect piece for it. I bought it at Home Sense on final clearance. It was originally $170.00, but the glass was gone and the frame has a tiny crack that you can’t see. Because of this it was only $7.00! The stone is the perfect colour for the space.  Amanda’s daughter wanted to steal it for her room. I love it so much, but it has been sitting in my house waiting for the perfect space.

Before and after of some of the artwork and curtains in this guest room makeover

This was so fun to do, not least of all because Amanda is such a wonderful friend and we got to chat while we worked.  Hopefully this guest room will be a restful place for her mom to sleep when she isn’t rocking the baby at night. 

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