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My dream for Reclaiming Home is to make interior design available to everyone, whether you are in your forever home or your first apartment. I discover what your needs and wants are, and I create a space that works just for you.

And the really great news? We’re going to transform your home into a place you love within your budget. 

Edmonton Room Design Services

Interior Redesign & Room Makeover Packages

This is one of my very favourite things to do. You might think you need to buy a lot of new items in order to turn your house into a home. However, the problem is often simply not knowing how to use the things you already own to the best of their abilities.  

Reclaim a Room uses these things already in your home that aren’t being used to their full potential to transform your space. This process is completed in one day and makes such a difference.

For the Reclaim a Room package, I will:

  • Rearrange your floor plan to optimize flow and beauty.
  • Organize your things in a way that makes your room function optimally.
  • Style and decorate the space using what you own, making the room feel beautiful and brand-new.
  • Shop for new items as needed. Occasionally, we might decide that a new item or two would really finish off a space. I can shop for these on my own, or we can go together, depending on your budget preferences!

This package includes one visit, up to five hours long. Additional hours can be added for $50/hour

At Reclaiming Home I believe that everyone should have a home they feel comfortable in, regardless of their financial situation. Several times a year Reclaiming Home does a Reclaim A Room free of charge for those who cannot afford my services.  If you, someone you know, or a nonprofit organization would be encouraged by this service please send an inquiry including a bit about your nominee’s situation, what room you would like my help with, and pictures of the space.

Calm The Chaos includes all the services in Reclaim A Room, plus help with properly organizing and decluttering all the items in your chosen space! If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of excess stuff in your home, this service is for you. While I am working on the layout and styling of the room, my partner Anna-Lisa will take the stress out of going through your items and figuring out if you really want them. She helps you go through everything in the room until you are sure that every single item left is something you love and want. She methodically guides you through the process so that the mental load is not on you. This service is completed in one day, just like Reclaim A Room.

When you purchase the Calm The Chaos package, you get everything included in Reclaim A Room plus we will:

  • Purposefully guide you in going through all the items in your space.
  • Help you decide what items you use and love, and support you as you let go of the rest.
  • Take all unwanted items with us. The trash is thrown out and the rest is donated to a local community thrift store.
  • Leave you to enjoy your beautifully restyled space that feels lighter physically, mentally and emotionally.

This package includes one visit with Anna-Lisa and I, up to six hours long. Additional hours can be added for $100.00/hour.

The six hour visit is the amount of time it takes for most rooms to be completed. If you think your space might take longer we can discuss that before we begin.

This option is perfect if you are stuck on a space and want to do the work yourself, but need direction and a plan to get started. I will come to your house for a one hour consult. During that time I will ask you questions about your needs, wants, style, and budget. We will also survey what you already own to see what could be used in the design plan. Then I measure the room and furniture we want to incorporate. I take all of that information and create a personal design plan just for you. Your design plan will include a:

  • Mood board
  • Floor plan drawn to scale
  • Written design plan
  • List of sources for any new items needed for your room
  • Two months of email support* 


This is a great jumping-off point for the homeowner who loves styling on their own and just needs a little push in the right direction. Each plan takes two to three weeks to deliver after our initial consult.  

*Up to one hour of follow up questions within two months of your design plan presentation. 

This is for those clients who would like my finishing touches put on their space after they have completed the work suggested in their Design Plan.  First, you gather all new and existing items to be used in your space and do any painting, construction, or renovating that we decided on. Once everything is done, I’ll come in and do all the finishing touches.  This service includes hanging pictures and curtains, perfecting the layout, and styling any surfaces. 

This package includes one visit up to three hours long. Additional hours can be added for $50/hour

Do you have design or styling questions about your home, but don’t need a full Design Plan? Reclaiming Home does in-person or virtual consults for your styling challenges. We can work through any questions you have together, from paint colour to where to put your furniture to what to put on your walls. 

Services include:

  • Bookshelf/mantel styling, 
  • Shopping services
  • Choosing & incorporating new furniture


These are projects that often do not take much time but can feel intimidating or overwhelming. Reclaiming Home can come to you and help with these small projects.

Per visit pricing: $100 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour. 

Are you interested in services offered by Reclaiming Home but live too far away from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for an in-person consult? That’s OK, because Reclaiming Home offers virtual services too! I have worked with clients from the east to the west coast of Canada and throughout the USA over Zoom to transform their spaces. I can do the same for you. 


Choose from the following services for this option:

  • Design Plan – $400
  • Reclaim a Room – $250
  • Final Styling – $150
  • Design Consultation – $100 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour. 
  • Decor and Furniture Sourcing – $100 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour. 


There is no need to let your geographical location stop you from turning your house into a home using my services. This is a great way for me to assess your wants and needs and get you started on the path to a cozy, completed space.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Reclaiming Home works in the style of each client!  Before getting started on a Design Plan we will meet and figure out what you love, if you don’t know already. You will look at inspiration pictures and answer a series of design questions. Reclaiming Home has helped many people figure out what they really love in a space and has worked to achieve many completely different styles, because the mission is to create a space that YOU love.  
The number one thing I hear from clients of completed Reclaim A Room projects is that they cannot believe how I transformed their spaces using what they already owned, and how they would never have thought to repurpose certain pieces in the ways I styled them!  Reclaim A Room makes a huge impact. And remember, if I think you are missing key pieces for your space I will give you some suggestions that fit your style and budget with the option to purchase them or not.  

I have experience with large budgets and constrained budgets and everything in between. I will find the styling choices right for you within your budget. I so strongly believe that every person should feel at home in their own space that I occasionally offer free Reclaim A Rooms to people or organization who cannot afford my services. 

Hiring an interior decorator can actually save you time and money in the long run.  Ever bought some random home accessories, brought them home and put them up, only to find that the room still felt off and you couldn’t figure out why? Or ever buy a piece of furniture only to get it into the space and realize it feels unbalanced or too big or too small?  When you hire Reclaiming Home to create a Design Plan for your space, you eliminate all the guesswork and wrong purchases. I give you the right sizing requirements and measurements for big ticket items, and a comprehensive design that means you won’t waste money on unnecessary accessories that are wrong for the space. I also save you time and headaches because instead of finding new decor by wandering multiple stores and trying to make decisions as you go, I give you a curated-just-for-you list of sourced items that fit your space, budget, and style, so you can make quick easy decisions.
No.  Reclaiming Home will not share any pictures of your home without clear permission from you. If you do give me permission to share, I am careful to keep my clients anonymous. 
When you hire Reclaiming Home for a Design Plan we set a date for me to come to your home and see the space you want the plan for.  Before we meet I ask you to collect some inspirational pictures of rooms you love and to think about why you love them.  During our initial consultation we discuss what you use the room for and what style and feeling you want for it. We look at existing furniture that you want to keep, discuss your budget and any possible new purchases, and finally I take pictures and measurements so I have everything I need to create your Design Plan.   I take all that information and create a floor plan that maximizes your space for its intended use.   Each Design Plan includes a to-scale floor plan and a written explanation with measurements of any suggested new items, a colour story, a stylistic plan, a mood board, and a list of sources with a few options for whatever pieces you need in the right style and size.  Once the Design Plan is done, Reclaiming Home presents it to you in person, going through all the elements with you and answering any questions you might have.  Included in the Design Plan is an hour’s worth of support for any questions you may have as you implement the plan.

No you do not. Reclaiming Home specializes in using what you already own to the best of its potential. One of the questions we talk about during the initial consultation is what pieces you have that we could use in the design plan, even taken from other parts of the house!
If you live in Edmonton, Alberta I always come to you in person so that I can see the space and take my own measurements and pictures.  However, if you do not live in Edmonton or if you would prefer a virtual appointment, I do have a virtual Design Plan option.  In that case I would ask you to take pictures of the room from every angle and send me the measurements of the room and furniture.  Then we would use Zoom or FaceTime to chat and for me to see the space, and to present your Design Plan when it is finished.  *small travel fee applies to surrounding communities (Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, etc.)
Initial consultations usually take between 1-1.5 hours for each room we are working on.
In your Design Plan I give you a specific list of items that will work for your budget and style.  Usually there are a few options to choose from.  I always include measurements and descriptions of my suggested items so that if you want to look elsewhere or try thrifted items, you will know what guidelines to follow.
During our initial consultation I ask a lot of questions to figure out what you actually need and want from your space.  It’s one of my favourite parts of this job! I love hearing, “I didn’t even know what I liked until you told me!”
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