A Place For Yaya


There is no reason a small space can't be cozy and functional! No space for a big reading chair? Use a comfortable upholstered headboard so the bed can be used to read in. No formal entryway? Peg rails on one wall add so much storage space for coats and clothes. You get the idea! Be creative in your solutions and you will always find a way.

I am so thankful for my mama. I have always wished she could come and live with me full time. A friend and client of mine is getting to live that dream right now! She reached out to me because her mom is coming to live with her and she wanted to make her space feel extra special.

Christina and Tim are in the process of building a new house where her mom will have an entire floor. In the meantime, she wanted to make sure her mom’s bedroom was comfortable and special. There wasn’t anything wrong with the bedroom. It was neutral and neat, but it was missing the cozy factor Christina was looking for. It is not a huge bedroom and it has a slightly awkward layout, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be comfy! We added a soft upholstered headboard and some art and furniture to create a cozy space that Yaya will hopefully enjoy until her new digs are ready. Let’s get to the pics.  

Adding soft elements to create a cozy space.

Even though the room is small, we still wanted to create a cozy space for Yaya to hang out and be by herself. We added a soft upholstered headboard so that it would be comfortable to read in bed.  We needed the night table closest to the closet to be fairly small so that the doors could open all the way. A small table from IKEA did the trick! The other night table has drawers for lots of storage. The matching lamps give a lot of light and balance to the space. We added a paper wreath above the bed to draw the eye upwards for a feeling of space.

Traditional lighting and bedding help create a cozy space.

Christina’s mom has a traditional sense of style and we tried to add those touches with the bedding and the shape of the lamps.

The side of the room opposite the bed has three doors, including one for a utility closet. We added peg rails so there would be a place for coats or clothes to be hung up. Above the peg rail, we added a beautiful framed picture of Christina’s daughters. The tiger art has sentimental value and we updated it by putting it in a new frame and matte. 

Adding a peg rail for clothes, and a stool help create a cozy space.

Underneath the tiger art, we put a stool that is strong enough for Yaya to sit on while changing her shoes, or to use as an extra spot for a cup of tea and a snack. A basket beside it gives her a place for laundry or extra blankets if she is chilly.

This was such a nice cozy space to create and be part of. I hope Christina’s mom will feel at home until their new house is ready to move into! If you would like assistance decorating or redecorating your home visit my services page.

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