Redesign Using Only What You Have


One dramatic change you can affect in a room without spending a single cent is rearranging your furniture. Look for ways to open up floor space and make a grander entrance into a room. The simple act of moving one sofa made such a difference in this living room!

Reclaiming Home is starting a mini room makeover service that uses only what you already own to change up a space of your choice. People often already have wonderful things that they love, but they aren’t sure how to use them to achieve the right look. This new service is great for people that want to change their space but don’t want to do a full-scale renovation. Reclaiming Home will come into your home for a single day, shop your house, rearrange furniture, and style the room of your choice. Reclaiming Home recently did their first mini room makeover of this nature. This client really wanted to up the cozy factor. We shopped her house and added lots of warm and cozy elements. Here are the results.

Before and after of a mini room makeover

Rearrange Furniture and Add More Light

The very first thing we did was rearrange the furniture. The couch only left about two feet of space to enter the room. By moving it to the niche, we opened up the space and made the living room feel much more open. We also switched out the dark leather recliner for another smaller chair they had in their basement that is much more to scale. The light colour of the chair also works better in the room. We then switched out all the tables in the space. The cabinet next to the fireplace was built by my client’s husband, and didn’t have a home before now. The blue trunk was my client’s mom’s, and she used it for travelling in her younger days. My client loves it. The other side table was my client’s grandfather’s, and she didn’t know how to display it. For the other end table we used a wicker basket that was the right size and colour. This basket wasn’t being used in the bedroom it was in. We then added a tray to make it more stable for the lamp.

Before and after of a mini room makeover

Next, for this mini room makeover, on either side of the 2 seat couch, we added lamps that are much bigger and brighter. Beside the fireplace, we added one of the old lamps to bring light to that side of the room.

Before and after of a mini room makeover

The room was a little bit dark before; the fireplace is quite dark and the pictures on either side of the fireplace were also dark. By removing the pieces of art and rearranging the mantel, we have made the room much brighter. There are so many pieces in this room that my client loves! The copper bin was her grandparents’ and now holds kindling.

Add Cozy Elements and Finishing Touches

The last thing we added were blankets and pillows and candles. Everything in this space was taken from other places in my client’s house. Much of it didn’t have a proper home before this makeover. While there are other changes that my client wants to make in this space in the future, while she is waiting to do a more extensive renovation she now has a cozy inviting space that she loves. 

This makeover took only one afternoon to do! If you are interested in a mini room makeover please visit my services page. If you take on your own mini room makeover, I’d love to see @reclaiminghomedecorating.

Room Makeover Services in Edmonton

My dream for Reclaiming Home is to make interior design available to everyone, whether you are in your forever home or your first apartment. I discover what your needs and wants are, and I create a space that works just for you.

And the really great news? We’re going to transform your home into a place you love within your budget.