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Remember that the only person whose opinion matters in regards to style decisions in your space is you! Lean into what really makes you happy and your space will feel really comfortable for you. Lisa knew she wanted the TV to be more prominent than the fireplace, and as a result she has a space that really reflects her family's needs and habits.
After image of the completed living room design.

When this client contacted me to ask for help with her living room, I jumped at the chance. I worked with the lovely Lisa once before this, and together we had transformed her bedroom. She was a dream client, and I loved working with her, so I was really looking forward to doing it again! The living room was a great space to start with, but Lisa wanted it to feel cozier. She had the TV in front of the window and a sectional in the corner. She had already purchased a new sofa set and rug, and was well on her way to getting the cozy room she was looking for. We added tables, lamps, and accessories, and we removed the unnecessary chair that was blocking the fireplace. 

The before image of the living room.

This is what the space originally looked like before anything was touched.
Before image of the living room for this repeat client.

Lisa started out very well without me. She bought some lovely sofas, and hung the TV on the wall.  When I asked her what she wanted the focus of the room to be, she said she wanted it to be the TV wall. She doesn’t love the fireplace, and is mostly going to be using the room to watch TV.  The whole point of a good design is to make a space work best for the client and their desires, so while some people would have wanted all the focus on the fireplace that wouldn’t have made the room most comfortable and homey for Lisa and her family.

Before and after photo of this living room makeover.

While Lisa wanted the TV wall to be the focus, she didn’t necessarily want the television to be the main focal point. By adding art and changing the TV furniture, the TV wall became both functional and pretty. Removing the chair made the room feel less closed off and made the fireplace feel like part of the TV wall, drawing focus away from it.

Before and after image of furniture placement and new coffee and side tables.
Before and after image of the tv wall in this living room redesign.

I hope you enjoy the space as much as I enjoy working with Lisa! Cheers from Reclaiming Home Decorating.

Collage of after photos from this living room redesign.

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