Reclaiming the Feeling of Home


If you are unhappy with your space, stop and think before you buy all new things. What do you see in the room that you don't need or don't like? Remove it. What do you see that you know you love? Find a way to put it front and centre. The chances are that by elevating the things you love and removing those you don't, you will be well on your way to loving the space you live in.

My most recent client is also a dear friend. She and her husband sold their home and moved across the country to be closer to their children and grandchildren. This meant a very big downsizing for them. They now live in an apartment with an amazing view, but she just couldn’t figure out how to set up the living room so that it felt like home. We bought zero things for this living room restyling and used only what was already in the apartment.

Creating a Conversation Area

Living room restyling

A supporting column separates this very long living room. In order to give such a big space a lot of function and coziness, we created two areas. One is a living area for visiting and enjoying heir beautiful view, and the other is a TV watching area. Again, this entire restyling spent nothing on furniture and accessories; we used only what they already owned. Cabinets that were in the dining room are now used as a coffee table. We were able to move the bookcase beside the desk in the dining room. We used their existing side table on one side of the couch and a brown small ottoman on the other. Unused tray tables were removed and lighting was added to both sides of the room. There is now a clear walkway from the dining room to the patio doors, plus an area for sitting that invites conversation.

A living room restyling.

We moved the recliner into their bedroom and brought out the other matching sofa chair. It flanks their sofa with the matching loveseat and brings a nice balance to the space. The chairs have a low profile so they do not obstruct the view. The back corner table was hiding her beautiful copper vases and felt crowded. By styling the table and bringing the vases out we balanced the back wall. 

Creating a TV Viewing Area

On the other side of the living room we created a cozy TV watching area. We again grouped like chairs together. A little table from the bedroom acts as a side table. We placed a reading light between the chairs. The client’s husband loves laying out all his maps and paperwork to organize. The large coffee table we moved there from the other side of the room gives him plenty of work space, plus it creates a place to put their feet up while watching the news. Because they have already downsized, all of their remaining pieces are special to them. The stunning ceramic cat and duck were her parents’. Since we cleared out the space, they are visible and they add such a beautiful statement to the room.

We removed excess items and grouped like things together, so their favourite pieces now stand out.  Their Emily Carr print is so lovely and it is a focus now, as are the pillows they bought in Costa Rica.

Furniture is moved about in this living room restyling.

We faced the TV toward the chairs, which minimized the focus on it. We also centred it on the two cabinets that match the coffee table on the other side of the room.

I absolutely loved doing this living room restyling. So often we own things that we love but we don’t know how to place them, so we think the problem is with what we own and we buy more things. I am so happy that Linda loves her space and that it feels like home to her now, just because we reworked her own pieces. I hope that you were inspired by what can be accomplished in a few short hours with things you already own! If you restyle your ow living room I’d love to see it @reclaiminghomedecorating.

Room Makeover Services in Edmonton

My dream for Reclaiming Home is to make interior design available to everyone, whether you are in your forever home or your first apartment. I discover what your needs and wants are, and I create a space that works just for you.

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