Tuning the Piano Room


Make sure you spend your redecorating budget where it makes the most impact to the space. By reusing and reimagining what you already own and spending money only when it really solves a problem, you will be happier with the end result. In this piano room, we recognized the problem to be solved was storage, so we happily spent the money to get the things we needed for papers and books, and finished the rest of the transformation with simple rearranging.

I recently restyled my dear friend’s piano room/office. Jessica is an extremely gifted piano teacher and she teaches in her home based studio in west Edmonton. My daughter just started taking lessons and Jessica is an amazing teacher!  I took lessons when I was a kid and man how times have changed. She makes the lessons fun and interactive and my daughter practices so much I have to tell her to stop sometimes.  If you live in the Edmonton area I highly recommend her.  You can contact her through [email protected].

Before and after of the piano room makeover

Jessica wanted to change up her teaching/office space for the start of the new school year. The before pictures were taken in the middle of the off-season when her studio had become a dumping ground for other things. We organized the space, rearranged the furniture, and made it fresh for the coming teaching year. This was a low-cost restyling project with minimal inputs for major impact! The total cost for the room refresh was only $150.00.

Organizing the Piano Room

As you can see from the before picture, the room is located just off the front entryway to the house. We switched the piano and the desk in the room. Now, when students come into the house, they see the piano, which is so pretty. It has become the focal point of the room, which suits the room very well.

Before and after of shelving and storage in the piano room

We bought 16 small boxes, eight large boxes, 35 magazine files, and a metal letter holder from IKEA to organize the bookshelves. This was our $150 input, and it was money well-spent!  Since so much of her teaching materials needed to be stored in her bookcases, we bought these items to make the space organized, easier to use, and clean-looking.  

Rearranging the furniture

Before and after showing the desk after being moved to a different wall

We moved the office to the other side of the room where it is “hidden” from view. The wall file folder gets papers up off the surfaces and keeps them organized.

Before and after of teaching message board and student pictures

Her teaching message board and her student pictures are all set up on the wall in the entryway of the room, ready for the beginning of the year.

View from across the other side of the room
Before and after - the view from the other side of the piano room

This is the view from the other side of the room. It was such a fun restyling project! There is so much that can be gained from doing this kind of thing. Often we think that if we can’t spend a ton of money to get the exact furniture and accessories we want, there is no point in working on a space at all. This room is a good example of how much can be done with a little money and reimagining the things you already own. Do you have a space that needs a similar refresh? Check out my services page.

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