An Outdoorsy Bedroom For a Little Boy


Don't be afraid to go big when decorating a kid's bedroom. By focusing most of our efforts on this gorgeous mountain feature wall, we could afford to do very little else except a few simple accessories and themed bedding to complete the look we wanted.

Painting A Mountain Wall Mural

My friend Jessica’s boys recently switched bedrooms, and she wanted to redecorate them to make each new space special. She wanted the younger son’s bedroom to have an outdoorsy bedroom theme. Jessica and her husband are originally from a mountain town in British Columbia, so a mountain mural seemed a natural choice for one of the walls. This is the view as you walk into the room.

Outdoorsy bedroom large wall mural

While we were painting the mural, there were some nervous days when we worried about the colour choices. Everyone was pleased with how it turned out! This is the view from the bed and what Jessica’s son sees when lying down.

Outdoorsy bedroom large wall mural

Building a Tent Bed

I thought it would be super fun to create a tent bed. We used the existing bed frame to attach the tent. It was my first time building something like this, and I’m so glad it turned out really cute. Also, the front flap can be rolled down to make a secret fort. Perfect for this outdoorsy bedroom design.

An outdoorsy bedroom with a tent over the bed.  Lots of colourful pillows and new bedding complete this décor style

The bedding was purchased at The Hudson Bay Company and Simons. We used The Hudson Bay company blanket as our colour inspiration for the room. We bought the bedding, pillows, and other throws from Simons. It is one of my favourite places to buy throws and cushions. Their prices are reasonable, the quality is good, and they often have amazing sales. The bedding is a good example of how everything doesn’t have to match. On either end of the bed we placed different pillows. It works because the pillows are similar sizes and colours.  

This outdoorsy bedroom has a comfy bed with lots of colourful pillows
This outdoorsy bedroom has a comfy bed with lots of colourful pillows
This outdoorsy bedroom has a comfy bed with lots of colourful pillows

Adding in Outdoorsy Bedroom Accessories

The first thing we had to consider was how to work with all the existing furniture. Jess really wanted to use this desk, which was her mom’s. It makes a perfect bedside table and it doubles as a desk. Pieces like this give a room soul and make it feel like home. We found the lamp at HomeSense. It was originally a silver colour and Jess painted it one of the greens from the mountain mural. The red lantern Jess already owned, and she grabbed the tree to finish the desk.

A fur rug help to complete the look of this outdoorsy bedroom.
The colour palette for this outdoorsy bedroom was taken from the colourful blanket on the bed

Next, I added this cloth deer head that I found at Simons. We wrapped its neck in a Hudson’s Bay scarf and hung it over a clothes rack, I think it is the perfect addition to this outdoorsy bedroom.

Here is the completed make over of this outdoorsy bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this outdoorsy bedroom!  This last picture is of Jessica’s son playing in his new tent bed.

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An outdoorsy bedroom with a mountain painted wall

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