Powder Room in Black, White, And Wood


Don't be afraid to paint things! New paint is such an easy way to transform existing items without spending very much at all. In this room, we were able to spray paint both a light fixture and a toilet paper holder to make sure our colour scheme was modern and cohesive instead of purchasing brand new items in our colour of choice.

Reclaiming Home and Solid Renovations just completed a small powder room makeover. Scott and Anna-Lisa wanted to spruce up their main floor powder room, as it was one of the only rooms in their house they hadn’t touched. Thankfully Scott is the man behind Solid Renovations and he could do all the carpentry work for us. This was a low-cost makeover using many reclaimed and thrifted materials.

Small powder room makeover before and after
Small powder room makeover before and after.

Scott was given an IKEA kitchen cart for free and he turned it into a vanity. He used reclaimed wood to build the countertop, leaving the live edge. We found this sink and faucet in the as-is section at IKEA.

Behind the toilet there were some existing glass shelves that were quite high and had never felt right.  Using the same lumber as the vanity’s countertop, Scott built floating shelves. We styled the shelves using some of the pencil-drawn blueprints Scott made in school framed with black IKEA frames. We also used some pretty milk glass vases and a basket I found from various thrift shops. The piece of art was also thrifted and put in a frame they already owned. This is the wall you see when you walk into the room. The new shelves, spacing, art, and styling make the room seem much bigger.

Small powder room makeover before and after.

Scott took out the weird half-wall behind the old sink and the old mirror. We were on the hunt for a large round black mirror within our budget, which was as low as possible. One night I was at HomeSense sourcing for another client, and I thought I would just take a peek at their mirrors. It was a HomeSense miracle! This mirror was priced at only $25.00, which was a lot cheaper than anything I had ever seen there before. I snatched it up and it fit perfectly in this space. The light was a Kijiji find for $10.00. We spray painted it black to match the hardware.

Scott spray painted the toilet paper holder a matte black and it ties the colours all  together. We took down the towel bar behind the door. Last summer their family stayed with friends who had a towel on a hook behind the door. The kids loved it and Anna-Lisa wanted a similar setup in this bathroom. Scott attached a small black hook to the back of the door and they bought some beautiful Turkish towels to hang.

After a lot of hard work (mostly from Scott) they have a small powder room makeover that cost only $300.00! I hope you enjoyed the tour.  What magic could we work in your own powder room? Visit my services page to learn more.

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