Virtual Styling


Necessity is the mother of invention! Try challenging yourself to redesign or restyle your space without spending a single dollar by just looking around at the things you already own and trying to see them in a different way. My pandemic virtual styling sessions are evidence that you CAN create a new space without leaving your house to visit a store.
Fireplace mantel after virtual styling

Since the pandemic started so much has changed. Now that we are all staying put, going into other people’s homes for Reclaiming Home is obviously not happening. So I’ve decided to offer a new service, and used one of my besties as a guinea pig to test it out!  We styled her mantel virtually over Facetime and it worked so well. She was my hands and feet, and I gave her directions. We had so much fun, and by the end of it she had a newly styled mantel perfect for spring. After this success I started offering virtual styling to anyone who needed a pick-me-up. I have done whole rooms, a few gallery walls, and some mantels. I’ve already posted them all separately on social media, but thought it would be fun to do a round-up post of the different mini make-overs that have happened since the pandemic started.

First up is the guinea pig mantel. There was lots of laughter, at least on my part, as we figured this out together. I am so thankful for good friends. Anna-Lisa’s mantel was decorated for Christmas. She then removed some elements to maintain a winter theme. But the greens had dried out and really, it is May. It was time for a spring refresh. So we took everything off and started over using what she had in her home, and we created a new look for spring.

Before and after of a fireplace mantle virtual styling

The next redesign I did was another mantel. It had great bones to start with and just; needed a little styling. Amanda has a wonderfully cozy farmhouse style and we had lots to play with to make her mantel ready for spring. It was right before Easter so we incorporated her sweet Easter themed banner as well.

Before and after of a mantel with a large mirror/clock and a easter banner

Next up was a gallery wall in a back entryway. Nicole had this empty spot that was in her family’s view every time they went outside or downstairs. They had special pictures they wanted to put up. There were also art pieces that weren’t being used. So we created a pretty gallery wall that they can enjoy every day.

Before and after of an entryway with a new gallery wall

I did another gallery wall for my friend Colleen and her sweet little boy. Jeremiah. He had a blank wall above his day bed that needed a little something. Colleen is a wonderful photographer and she has taken so many beautiful pictures of her family. She didn’t have enough picture frames for her final design idea so we incorporated an art piece she also had in the house. Eventually she will switch out the art for more picture frames but in the meantime it finishes the gallery beautifully.  She also had an amazing handmade sign from Beam and Ray made before the pandemic started. Beam and Ray are a wonderful local Edmonton business. I encourage you to check them out.

Before and after of a boys bedroom

I then got the chance to do a room restyling with Jennifer. Jennifer’s main living room is where she and her husband hang out at night. This is where they relax and watch TV. So we shopped her house, taking things from rooms where the items weren’t being used or seen as much as they would be if they were in the main living area.  

Before and after of a virtual styled livingroom

The last one I have to show you is a bedroom restyling for a kid’s room. Colby was ready for more of a grown up space. His mom had been collecting different animal pictures to make the change happen. I was scheduled in to do the redesign in person, but then Covid happened so we did it online!

Before and after of a kids bedroom
Before and after of a kids bedroom

Every time I did one of these styling sessions it made my whole day. Everyone was so patient and ready to try different arrangements and ideas. I hope these show you that so much can be done with what you already have, if you think of your things and spaces in new ways. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to contact me and we can do a virtual styling for you as well!

Room Makeover Services in Edmonton

My dream for Reclaiming Home is to make interior design available to everyone, whether you are in your forever home or your first apartment. I discover what your needs and wants are, and I create a space that works just for you.

And the really great news? We’re going to transform your home into a place you love within your budget.