A Blank Box Becomes A Beautiful Piano Room/Office
The transformation of a blank room to a beautiful piano room


Small spaces can still be functional and beautiful! Make proper use of niches, cut outs, and funny awkward corners to get the most out of the space you have available. By using minimal furniture and the niche on one end of this tiny little room, we were able to fit both a piano and a desk area in a natural and useful way.
The transformation of a blank room to a beautiful piano room

Before the pandemic happened I had the chance to work with a wonderful friend/client who just finished building a really stunning new house this year. I had been giving some general recommendations here and there, but then Christina asked me to help her style her piano room/office properly. It was a beautiful blank box when we started. 

Piano room/office styling before and after.

The room was originally going to be only an office but, after talking about where to put the piano, I suggested adding it to that room. They had been thinking of putting it in the basement hallway but Christina really liked the idea of it having the piano on the main floor since she loves listening to her girls play. The little niche in the office was the perfect spot for it. This was an easy space to style because it has such beautiful bones, including her stunning piano.

A piano room/office styling before and after.

The office area needed storage and styling to make it functional and beautiful. This desk with open shelving paired with beautiful storage boxes hit the mark.

This little room is right off the house’s main entryway, and while it is not big in size, it is big on beauty and practicality. This piano room/office was styled with a combination of things already owned, a few thrifted items such as the beautiful wicker mirror above the piano, and a few items from stores like HomeSense and IKEA.  This all proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home beautiful.

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