Restyling a Formal Living Room
Formal living room decor


An area rug that complements your chosen colour scheme is an easy way to ground a space and give a sense of a truly finished room. Make sure your rug is big enough for the area it will be covering (most people go too small!), and choose a fabric and texture that works for your lifestyle.
Formal living room decor

By rearranging the furniture and restyling the living room decor I was able to make this large formal living room more cohesive. Recently, I have been working with a wonderful client who has utilized many different services from Reclaiming Home. However, this post is highlighting a Room Redesign I did in her formal living room/music room. I know I have said this before, but Room Redesigns are some of my favourite things to do.

Restyling a formal living room before and after

Rearranging The Conversation Area Furniture

My client has a grand piano and a beautiful front living room to house it in. However, the room had a lot of different pieces that didn’t necessarily work well together. I had free rein to shop her house and move different furniture items around. On two sides of the room it was quite formal/traditional, and the other two sides of the room were more global-inspired. The decor in this living room almost felt like there were three sections that didn’t relate to each other, so I started working at making it feel like the purpose was to have one central seating area that could also work as a viewing area for watching those who played the piano. The first thing I did was switch the rattan loveseat and chair for a loveseat that was in the principal bedroom, and I moved that loveseat across from the large couch to create a conversation area.

We moved the keyboard downstairs and replaced it with the blue loveseat, and switched out the black framed art for a piece she had in her guest room. I utilized the coffee table that was already in the room styling it with accessories she owned. We also grounded the room with an area rug. It was far too small for the principal bedroom but was a good size for the music room. The rug helps to tie all the pieces together. We finished styling it with pillows she had in her home.

Editing The Gallery Wall

The area where the rattan loveseat sat had a gallery wall above it. I moved her antique sewing machine into the room to act as a sideboard. It used to live in their upstairs family room, but wasn’t quite right in that space. I reworked the gallery wall, keeping the items that really meant something to my client and edited the pieces that she didn’t care about.

On the wall along the staircase there were a few simple adjustments. This made a big impact in complementing all the other changes. First we changed out the art that didn’t go the best with all the other pieces in the room. The original piece of art is amazing and it found its new home in my client’s bedroom. It works perfectly in that space. The new piece of art now complements all the other elements in the room. We moved the existing standing lamp to the piano, and moved in another standing lamp that gave some contrast and added weight to that corner of the room. We moved the plant that overwhelmed that corner to the window, and added a simple table and basket with blankets.

Creating a Main Focal Point

Finally, we tweaked the piano area. We removed the keyboard and changed the direction of the coffee table. It really opened up the piano area to have the feeling of space, and it also created a main focal point in the room. Now the living room decor has clear function and cohesiveness that ties the entire space together.

One of the reasons I love Room Redesigns so much is that I get to show you the true potential of your home and the items you already own. Often there is a place for suggesting items that you need to finish out your space. But thinking outside the box and switching things around can make a huge impact on your home. To learn more check out my services page.

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