A Special Powder Bathroom
Small Powder Room Makeover


Adding wood tones can bring a feeling of warmth and texture to a space.
Small powder room makeover wallpaper.

Late last year I was privileged to work on a guest powder bathroom. My client felt like her guest bath was blah, and she wanted to create a really beautiful space in a very tiny room. So I came up with a design plan and we got to work. The plan was to add panelling around the bottom of the room and find a beautiful wallpaper to go on top. I installed the panelling and painted it, and we had Design Wallcoverings install amazing wallpaper from Finest Wallpaper. It is so hard to accurately capture this room. It is stunning. Every time I have gone back to the house to work on another project I have asked if I can just peek into the room because it’s so beautiful. I love how this small powder room makeover turned out.

Small powder room makeover before and after.

Next, I suggested adding the panelling and painting it and the door one of the lighter, less obvious colours pulled from the wallpaper. I wanted the panelling to complement the wallpaper and be able to stand up next to it without competing to be the star of the show. And it’s true that even though this blue is just beautiful, the wallpaper is the thing you can’t help but stare at when you enter the room. I sourced it from Finest Wallpaper. They are an awesome Canadian company with five-star customer service. 

Small powder room makeover after of sink and wooden framed mirror.

Since there were no wood tones in the room we added them using the mirror frame and some accessories. They add warmth and texture, and they look beautiful next to all the other elements in the space.

Small powder room makeover painted door and panelling.

I just love the way the door looks painted with the rest of the trim. The panelling was affordable, and would be a great DIY for even a beginner. I used 1/8” MDF 4’ x 8’ feet panels, and had Home Depot cut them into strips for me. The material for the panelling came in under $150.

Small powder room makeover before and after of panelling
Small powder room makeover before and after of panelling around the toilet area.

This bathroom is 3’ x 8’, with the doorway in the middle of one of the long walls. It was a difficult room to photograph, and I wasn’t able to really capture how stunning it is. However, trust me when I say that we created a beautiful powder bathroom that any of my client’s guests would enjoy being in. I hope you enjoyed seeing this transformation of this small powder room makeover as much as I enjoyed doing it! 

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