Staging Your Home: Bedroom Edition


To get a new look for your space without spending any money, restyle your shelves and surfaces with items you already own taken from other rooms.

Reclaiming Home is now offering home staging! Instead of asking you to buy expensive new things or rent furniture, I use mainly what you already own. When bedroom staging I edit and fill in the gaps with thrifted or low-cost new items. The first home staging Reclaiming Home did was a great success due to changes I made and the work of my clients’ excellent realtor, Susan Horon from Royal Lepage Noralta. They received multiple offers and got more than the asking price. Last week I showed you the entryway, front living room, and dining room. Today I am going to show you how I staged the bedrooms.

Girl’s Bedroom

The key in these rooms was editing. First up, their daughter’s bedroom staging. In this room there were really appealing existing features: a built-in bed and built-in closet/desk area. It is a small room, so having these features built-in allows the room to feel spacious. One of the simple things we did purchase was an inexpensive plain white duvet cover. It made the pink feel not too overwhelming because everything else was neutral.

The transformation of this section of the room was achieved with nothing but editing and styling. Everything styled was already on the shelves, I just used them in different ways.  

Staging a girl's bedroom

The changes in the last photo are really small but make a big impact. I removed everything from the nightstand, two pictures from the gallery wall, cut off the frayed ends of the hammock chair, and changed the duvet cover. It would be easy to dismiss each of these as insignificant changes, but putting them all together made the room really shine.

Staging a girl's bedroom

Shared Boy’s Bedroom

Staging a shared boy's bedroom

When staging this shared boy’s bedroom all we did was edit. Doing this made a big impact. Removing the large LEGO table and all the toys from the bed area made the room feel very large.

This transformation also happened through editing and styling. Everything on the bookshelves already lived there, we just packed a lot of it away and reused what was left. They had bins on the floor under the shelves, and I removed them to add the feeling of space. We took down all the personal art and cleared the desk area. This is a really nice-sized room and staging it properly really emphasized that.

Master Bedroom

Let’s move on to the principal bedroom. This room was already lovely, and just needed some styling of the shelves and end tables to make it just right. It would be easy to say the before was good enough, but this room had all the makings of a real stand-out to buyers and I didn’t want anything to take away from that.

These were all very small changes, but they took the room from 90% to 100%. There is nothing to distract buyers from how beautiful this bedroom is now, and the staging really helped to achieve the wow factor in this room.

staging a master bedroom

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the speed at which this house sold and the value indicated by the selling price all speak to the worth of investing in proper staging and an excellent realtor. Within hours of listing this house was fully booked for showings for two days, there were multiple offers, and they got more than their asking price.

Are you selling your home? Let me stage your house and help you sell quickly for the best price possible!

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