Music Room


A bonus room that didn't serve a purpose is transformed with a design plan that gives it function and beauty. We created a music room that not only functions for this family but is a beautiful view from the front entryway.

When I met with my client she was struggling with a room that was right off her entryway. It didn’t serve a purpose and was mostly empty. What she wanted was a functional space that would also look pretty and inviting when people came to her door. She didn’t need an office, and a formal dining room would only get used a couple of times a year. However, her family plays a variety of instruments. So I thought a music room would be the perfect solution and my client agreed. I came up with a design plan that would allow them to use the space to play their instruments, have a cup of coffee and look out the window, and do piano lesson homework too.


They already owned a beautiful piano and guitars. Bringing them into the room and making them the main feature created a beautiful focal point. It also increased the likelihood of playing and enjoying their instruments too.

View from the door before the makeover
View from the door after the makeover

My client had thought of purchasing a rectangular rug, but it felt awkward in the space. I suggested a round rug that gives the room a much better flow. An unexpected bonus is that sometimes her kids will come into this room now to play on the soft open space. One of my client’s goals was to have a room that looked nice from the entryway, and we certainly achieved that.

A rectangular rug was taped out as a possibility before I worked on the room
The round rug adds a better flow to the space

Considering this was a room that didn’t really have anything in it when we started, we didn’t need to buy a lot. We purchased a rug, a small table and two chairs, and some art and accessories to mix with things they already had. The few thoughtful pieces we did add to the space make a big impact in the room.

The mirror and round rug are the only new things in this picture

The items we brought into the room help it serve a purpose and make the styling feel intentional, finished, and cohesive.


The transformation of this room happened by giving it a clear purpose that works for this family and then simply decorating it. Even though in many ways this is a simple makeover, it has made a big impact on the way that this home feels and functions. Do you have a space that you don’t know what to do with? Reclaiming Home can help.

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