Bathroom Makeover with Solid Renovations


Let's talk about the convenience and functionality of the hooks instead of the rack for towels.

I have worked on many rooms in Scott and Anna-Lisa’s house since we became friends seven years ago. In fact, the first room I ever did for Reclaiming Home was their main bedroom. The last room to be done in the house was this small bathroom makeover on their top floor. Their home doesn’t have an en suite, but this bathroom does have two entrances: one from the hallway and one from the primary bedroom, so it functions like an en suite in many ways.

When we started talking about what they wanted to do for their small bathroom makeover, I suggested swapping the single-sink vanity for a double-sink. One evening I was at IKEA and they had a double-sink vanity on clearance for more than 50% off, and the renos began! Scott, who is a talented carpenter, really wanted to make a concrete countertop for the vanity. This led to the question, can we have wall-mounted faucets then, and pretty bowl vessel sinks? He does such good work and there were a lot of complications with this renovation but he pushed through them all. Let’s see some before and after pics.

small bathroom makeover before and after

The drawers are one of the nicest features of IKEA vanities. They have so much storage that you can actually organize! But I think my favourite part of the new vanity is the concrete backsplash.

The flooring was replaced with waterproof luxury vinyl tile. This is a great product for even a beginner DIYer. It is so easy to install, and it looks and feels great. Scott then painted the room in a nice bright white. This room doesn’t get a tonne of natural light, so making the walls white really brightened up the space.

There were a few towel bars in the room when we started, and can I say that I am not a big fan of towel bars? It is not like a towel bar is a wrong choice. If you are the type of person who always has perfectly folded towels hanging neatly on your towel bar, it can look beautiful. However, I think most of us don’t fit into that category. So my preference is a row of towel hooks. I think it is much more functional and beautiful in its own right. After playing with the dimensions and considering the needs of their family, Scott built one using hooks from Home Depot. My friend loves her bathroom and this is one of the main reasons. There is a hook for each person in their family and towels are a lot less likely to be on the floor now! 

small bathroom makeover before and after

The last few touches to complete the room were the mirror and the light fixture. Scott repurposed the existing bathroom mirror and cut it down to the size we needed. He then framed it out with wood and stain to match the towel hooks. Then we picked out a light fixture that would match and give the greatest amount of light to the room.

small bathroom makeover before and after

I think the small bathroom makeover turned out beautifully and Scott did such a great job!

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Small bathroom makeover

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