My Portfolio

I am passionate about creating spaces in which people feel at home. What makes a space truly a home? Is it really buying a bunch of generic stuff from your local superstore? Filling your home up with more things we think are updated? Or is it finding contentment in what you have and what you love, finding creative solutions to your space’s problems and needs, repurposing things once loved by you and others? 

Here are just a few examples of how I can help you reclaim your space, and turn it into a home you love

Room Transformations

A Complete Transformation

This main living room/dining room project was a big one and included a complete transformation. We changed out flooring and light fixtures, added wall treatments,

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Living Room Makeover in Texas

Greenery is such a nice touch in any room, and brings life and colour without a lot of effort. Potted plants, foraged greenery, or even faux stems or plants will add a beautiful effect to your space.

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Going Country

A very small change that makes a big impact in any bathroom is switching out towel bars for towel hooks. Especially if your bathroom is used by several people, hooks instead of a bar will mean far fewer towels ending up on the floor, plus they just look nicer, tidier, and more modern.

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