My Portfolio

I am passionate about creating spaces in which people feel at home. What makes a space truly a home? Is it really buying a bunch of generic stuff from your local superstore? Filling your home up with more things we think are updated? Or is it finding contentment in what you have and what you love, finding creative solutions to your space’s problems and needs, repurposing things once loved by you and others? 

Here are just a few examples of how I can help you reclaim your space, and turn it into a home you love

Room Transformations

Nannie’s Basement Kitchenette

To get the look you want for a fraction of the cost of buying it new, try using the power of paint to transform a Kijiji or Marketplace purchase into something truly stunning and unique.

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A Lovely Deck Design

Adding twinkle lights is always a good idea! Light in the darkness makes a space cozy, magical, and welcoming. A string of cafe or twinkle lights is an easy, low-cost finishing touch that never disappoints!

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The transformation of a blank room to a beautiful piano room

A Blank Box Becomes A Beautiful Piano Room/Office

Small spaces can still be functional and beautiful! Make proper use of niches, cut outs, and funny awkward corners to get the most out of the space you have available. By using minimal furniture and the niche on one end of this tiny little room, we were able to fit both a piano and a desk area in a natural and useful way.

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Tuning the Piano Room

Make sure you spend your redecorating budget where it makes the most impact to the space. By reusing and reimagining what you already own and spending money only when it really solves a problem, you will be happier with the end result. In this piano room, we recognized the problem to be solved was storage, so we happily spent the money to get the things we needed for papers and books, and finished the rest of the transformation with simple rearranging.

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