My Portfolio

I am passionate about creating spaces in which people feel at home. What makes a space truly a home? Is it really buying a bunch of generic stuff from your local superstore? Filling your home up with more things we think are updated? Or is it finding contentment in what you have and what you love, finding creative solutions to your space’s problems and needs, repurposing things once loved by you and others? 

Here are just a few examples of how I can help you reclaim your space, and turn it into a home you love

Room Transformations

A Bright and Cozy Living Room Makeover

This living room makeover is transformed even though we had to keep the main pieces of furniture. By tweaking the layout and adding in a few new key pieces this living room is brighter, cozier and feels refreshed

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Music Room

A bonus room that didn’t serve a purpose is transformed with a design plan that gives it function and beauty. We created a music room that not only functions for this family but is a beautiful view from the front entryway.

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